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July 2013 Archives

Achieving happiness post divorce

Nobody ever goes into marriage with the mindset that it may not work out someday. When couples make marriage vows, the mean them and intend to honor them. Unfortunately, life is always changing and at some point, those vows may lose their meaning, eventually leading to a divorce. With the current divorce rate at around 50 percent, half of marriages in America will not work out. Many Montgomery residents may be in the situation where they are debating whether to stay or leave a marriage.

Property division: next step in Michael Moore's divorce?

Several Montgomery residents may be fans of director Michael Moore's documentary films. The controversial director is well known for directing several films including Oscar-winning "Bowling for Columbine" and "Fahrenheit 9/11." What is not very well known about him is that his wife, Kathleen Glynn has contributed greatly to the success of many of his films as a producer. Together, the couple has collaborated to make several successful films. But after 21 years of marriage, the pair has decided to go their separate ways.

There is hope for Tennessee residents stuck in unhappy marriages

In today's day and age, not every American couple will make it to happily ever after. With the divorce rate increasing, it has become more common and acceptable for married couples to split. None the less, the process can still be emotionally and financially difficult to go through, which has caused many individuals to remain in a marriage even though they are unhappy. Many Tennessee residents are in similar situations.

Child custody highly important in divorce

Seldom in divorce are children impacted in a positive way. With most divorces, children are caught right in the middle of all the fighting, legal battles and emotional hardships. Choosing between parents or picking a favorite is often an impossible task for a young child with equally loving parents. Many Tennessee children endure emotional stress during a divorce. But can this negatively affect children in the long run? After a recent study by the University College London, the answer is yes.

Former MLB player wanted for failure to pay child support

A common dream for many Montgomery parents is to see their child play in the major leagues for sports. In order to get there it takes copious amounts of dedication, financial resources and raw talent. Once in the professional leagues, many players enjoy fame and fortune. For former baseball star Danny Tartabull, he had both. After playing 14 seasons in the majors, Tartabull accumulated $33 million. But when it comes to his children, he strikes out. According to authorities, the ex-baseball player is wanted for failure to pay child support.

Billy Ray Cyrus may lose father's rights in divorce

Divorce is seldom an amicable process. In just about every divorce, one or both spouses may feel that they got the short end of the stick with their agreements. Whether it is from a distasteful child custody arrangement or hefty spousal maintenance fees, divorce outcomes are often unpredictable. For many years, men have traditionally been cut short in many child custody cases and have had their father's rights abused. Tennessee's own Billy Ray Cyrus may join the ranks of the modern divorced man after his wife of 19 years filed for divorce.

International custody battle traps mom & daughter in Brazil

Most Tennessee parents would do anything for their children. During the often difficult process of divorce, many parents are pushed to their extremes. Ill-fated court agreements and unfair child custody arrangements can result for some parents. Under pressure of losing the right to see their children, a handful of parents have taken to the extreme, fleeing the country with their child. International abduction is one of the gray areas of divorce that can often lead to conflict and unpredictable results. But for many parents, it is worth the fight to gain their kids back.

How will property be divided upon divorce?

For marriages lasting 10, 20 or even 30 plus years, many assets will be accumulated during this time. From vacation houses to the living room sofa, acquired marital property can add up in value and significance over time. With the divorce rate at 50 percent, many Tennessee residents will at some point have to divide their assets with a former spouse. Property division is often a difficult task for many divorced individuals. The most common assets that are divided are usually the house, cars, retirement funds and savings accounts -- but what about less common items such as frequent flyer miles or reward points with a credit card?

35 Tennessee residents wanted for failure to pay child support

The Tennessee Highway Patrol is on the hunt for several men and women. They are not wanted for murder or bank robbing but failure to pay child support. The sheriff announced that at least 35 people are wanted for dodging their child support payments. Totaling the amounts from all 35 is equal to more than $400,000 in unpaid child support. Police will be knocking on doors and hunting down these individuals so they can at least get some type of payment towards their debt.

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